About us


Roy Ben-Anat


My love for aviation started at the age of 13, when I could only operate radio helicopters. Even then I was fascinated by the extreme flying style, which included participation in air shows and competitions.

The desire for aviation pushed me to found an aerial photography business. Of course, it wasn’t enough for me to just operate a drone, later I realized that my true place was in the cockpit. Well, History repeats itself, now I reached the point where simply flying a plane is not enough anymore. For that reason, I've recruited a team of experts, including myself, to help me accomplish what I’ve been working on since the age of 13.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Building the first experimental aerobatic aircraft in Israel, founding a team determent to put the aerobatic practice in Israel on the map.


We aim to

represent Israel in aerobatic competitions and championship events.


 Eventually making the aerobatic field accessible to everyone and not only to the upper classes.


Our ambition is to administrate, manage and promote “Air Show” events in Israel.


Establishing flying school specializes on aerobatic training and extricating emergency situations