33 years old, Married and father of two, private pilot

The builder of the first unlimited aerobatic aircraft in Israel: DR107.

Owner of EYES-On , the largest air operator in commercial

drone industry.

Senior Drone instructor. 

Expert consultant, training and curses developer

A commercial operator specializes in film photography and instruction.

Inventor Patent No. US10613529B2

life and business coach


Inspirational Lecture and Motivation:
My Way of Making Dreams Come True

A time travel about childhood as a rejected and unsuccessful child in school who escapes to his love for aviation, and how in adulthood, at a time when everything seemed lost, he decides to act and turns his hobby into a profession and starts a drone business. And finally fulfill the big dream - Being a private pilot and build an aerobatic plane here in Israel and all this without financial back-up.

 The lecture is for adults but there is a lecture adapted for middle school and youth students.

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The last episode in the VLOG series

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About the DR-107:

Designed by Dan Ryan, a former senior engineer at Northrop Grumman and a partner in the design of the famous Exra 200 aerobatic aircraft

In the early 1990s the Monoplanes (single-winged) aircrafts began to dominate aerobatic competitions due to their high performance, but the price of the aircraft was and remains very high which led to a situation where the pilot's economic ability would affect the competition results.

Dan, who takes a very active part in the International Aerobatics Organization, decided to initiate a competition called: One design, which means that all aircraft are completely identical even their paint scheme - so the pilot's ability can be measured in the same way regardless of economic status. Accessibility to a reasonable person -

Accessible and cheap materials: home build (low costs) fuselage truss made of steel, wing made of wood

Small engine: 4 cylinders (IO320 / IO360) that has been used in many aircraft for many years

A single-seater, small and light aircraft: for high performance and to allow parking even inside small hangars

At the end of 93, the first prototype took-of for the first time, it was tested by the best aerobatic pilots.

The factor that thwarted the project was the build time which could range from 8 months to 15 years, but many aerobatic pilots adopted the aircraft (purchased the plans) and the aircraft was a resounding success - currently flying over 70 aircraft worldwide and even competing head to head with powerful aircrafts (such Extra) and win first places in the unlimited category.

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לוגו וואטסאפ.png

Making Dreams Come True- Roy Ben Anat

Join to 45 minutes journey of passion for aviation and flying and the execution of a pretentious and special vision - the building of the first aerobatic aircraft in Israel

The lecture is suitable for adults and young people

A personal story of how as a rejected and unsuccessful child in school, I was able to fulfill my dreams. With hard work and commitment - the sky is the limit

Lecture content:

1. The difficult period at school and the connection to aviation

2. The failed attempt to "go with the flow" after the army

3. The event that opened my eyes

4. The decision to go my way